Reviving an iconic model is no easy task. When the original Mustang Mach1 debuted in 1969, it did so with no compromises. The smallest engine option was a 5.8-liter Windsor, and it arrived with the same aerodynamic, chassis, and styling improvements that were also standard on the monster 7-liter Cobra Jet. Revived for 2003, designers did as much as possible to focus on the 4-Valve engine, with a shaker hood and original-style stripes. Now that the 2021 Mach1 will arrive with the most powerful 5-liter in Ford's history, the livery needed a modern touch.

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The new graphics are accentuated by Sans Serif, while keeping the lower-case "h". From the lighted door sills to the numbered dash plaque, each Mach1 will be treated to a higher standard than regular production ponies. “When a nameplate like a Mach 1 comes back, you need to play up the heritage, but we didn’t want this to be a retro badge,” said Dean Carbis, Ford chief designer. “We wanted it to be modern, while still calling back to the original. I think the team nailed it.”. You will have 480 horsepower, reinforced strut tower, beefy sway bars and a redline at 7,000 rpm. Click the link below to find our dealer near you and stay with us for all your Mach1 news.