Since Monterey Car Week has been postponed, the county has taken a few dollars set aside for the events to improve one of the world's best racetracks. Starting with the most important part of any track, Pit Road was widened and it has a larger entrance from turn 11. The fuel pumps were replaced for faster fills, and a new water well was dug to reach a cleaner part of the aquifer. A new security office will offer a respite for in-house dedicated guards and track officials. Those officials will be much safer thanks to a new electronic flagging system around the track.

Spectators will enjoy improved bike trails, campgrounds, and a full repaint of the restrooms, showers, and an all-new BBQ Island. The Pit Road Suites were gutted and treated to modern furnishings, and the entire complex has new landscaping. WeatherTech also helped plan and execute these upgrades, so we're excited to watch racing return to this historic track. Tell us your best Monterey memory in the comments below and stay with us for all your racing news.