One of the most beautiful blends of Italian style and American engineering was the 1962 Iso Rivolta. Iso was a coachbuilder led by Renzo Rivolta. He wanted to compete with Ferrari, Alfa-Romeo, and anyone else in GT racing. Therefore he hired a young designer named Giorgetto Giugiaro who had just started working for the Bertone styling house. Iso's engineers worked with him to build a timeless classic. The Iso Rivolta's engine and transmission were supplied by Chevrolet, tuned to the same specs as the Corvette.

The car was so successful that it spawned the Iso Grifo, a 7-liter 427 engine found in the McLaren M8, Camaro SS, and the Corvette Stingray. Now it looks as if Zagato is building a new "IsoRivolta" which hints it will have small block American power. This gorgeous machine will be unveiled in October, so tell us what you think will be under the hood, and stay with us for all your Zagato news.