While we still wait for a real Apple Car to be released, we can still reminisce about the iconic and classic Porsche 935 K3 race car that donned an Apple Livery. This race car came to life after some pretty awesome circumstances. Long story short, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak went to a shop new their headquarter in Cupertino back in 1980 to have Jobs' 935 worked on. After talking to the owner, Bob Garretson, for some time, Apple ended up sponsored his race team. The Apple livery on a Porsche made perfect sense considering Jobs was a huge fan of German design. Period Correct knows just how important the 935 K3 Apple Car is to automotive and motorsports enthusiasts and that's why they've dropped a collection surrounding its mythos. The collection includes shirts, a jacket and hat, all of which feature the colors of the iconic livery in some way. Check it out for yourself by clicking the button below.