While power is a major factor when comparing cars, efficiency and clarity are what drives the home theater market. Bowers & Wilkins launched the 700 Series back in 2017 as a medium-priced alternative to their flagship 800 Series. With over 50 years of audio engineering behind them, the 705 is pedestal mounted while the 702 is a more conventional floor-standing model.

Due to their popularity, the 700 spawned six variants in three colors, and they remain the backbone of their lineup. But for those of us who demand something more, the 700 Signature Series retains its outer shape, but the internals are all new. The body is made of Datuk Ebony with several coats of lacquer before being sanded to a mirror shine.

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Stating at the top, their iconic tweeters are machined from a solid block of aluminum alloy. This propreitary shape cancels out any resonances to deliver high frequency response unlike anything you have experienced before.

Next we have the midrange. It must offer incredible response at frequencies that overlap the tweeter and the woofers. As such, it is another unique & brilliant design. The Continuum Cone is an improved version of what's found in the 800 Series Diamond. Mounted on a forged bracket to the back of the cabinet, the cone and driver are free-floating (Decoupled). This prevents harmonic interference between the tweeter and the woofers.

Finally, it is time to get low. For perfect bass, the cone has a unique cross-section. The "Aerofoil Profile" uses the same aerodynamic principles found in supersonic aircraft wings to project low-frequency sound accurately. The supports are sand cast as one-piece to insure their 2nd and 3rd order harmonics are far above any signal the speakers will ever receive. The best part about these, you have three of them in each cabinet!

Rated to handle 300 watts at 8 ohms, you will have a frequency range of 28 to 33 kHz. They also state the frequency response is only +/- 3dB between 46 and 28 kHz. A rear-firing band pass is tuned to maximize the low-frequency power, so now it is time to retire your amplifier to unleash Bowers & Wilkins latest achievement. Click the button below to learn more, and stay with us for all your home audio news.