O'Gara Motorsport at The Thermal Club is back and they're back in a big way thanks to their exciting Track Day Weekend Experience. This invite-only experience is where clients can take their cars out for a chance to test their full potential. Before the envoy of clients got to The Thermal Club for the most recent track day experience, they indulged in a rally drive to the private O'Gara Motorsport Facility, lunch, dinner on a stay at the new Thermal Club Casitas for the night on Sunday. On the following Monday, it was off to The Thermal Club. After an early breakfast, the entire group was given a driver's brief and was told of the track's regulations. Then, they were given a four-hour track session that included one-on-one driving coaching with a professional racing driver. To wrap things up, O'Gara hosted a lunch and pool party to celebrate the exciting weekend. You can see what O'Gara Motorsports Track Day Weekend Experience is all about in the video below. If you want to learn more about this event, click here.