When Chevrolet introduced direct fuel injection, the aftermarket world was discouraged at the complex system. The latest V8 engines use an extra cam lobe to send fuel at almost 3,000 psi into the combustion chamber. Hennessey Performance was the first to find ways to deliver more fuel. It was the foundation of their supercharged Goliath, a truck that offers more than twice the power it arrived with.

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After several camshafts were tested, they settled on a unique grind that allows the 2.9-liter supercharger to fill the cylinders without just enough overlap to offer meaty torque. Hardened pushrods, Hennessey stainless exhaust, their own wheels, and fabricated steel bumpers are also along for the ride. The primary cooling system is upgraded to keep the fans running full blast, and the intercooler has a straight shot to deliver cool boost. As with all Hennessey Performance builds, no expense was spared. Click the link below for all the details & turn up the volume to let Goliath roar!