Crafted from the highest quality materials, including Baccarat crystal, marble and snakeskin, these high-end game sets not only function for a rousing family night but can also double as opulent home décor in your luxury home. Designed by master craftsmen, the sets are works-of-art meticulously created by hand with the utmost care catered to each small detail.

Pieces are one-of-a-kind with notable brands having a hand in the formulation, including mouth-blown crystal by Baccarat, hand-cut crystal by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Spanish porcelain manufactured by Lladró. These high-end game sets are of the most significant quality and craftsmanship available today.

Baccarat Crystal & Marble Backgammon Set

Designed by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, the classic game of Backgammon is presented here as a stunning work of art. The backgammon board is handcrafted of inlaid white and black marble with red velvet lined storage for the dice and pieces. The dice, doubling cube, and pieces are mouth-blown crystal. Made in France by Baccarat, the crystal of kings. Numbered edition.

Purchase for $18,000

Baccarat Crystal, Jeu Chess Set, Clear and Midnight Limited Edition

Baccarat Crystal, has created this majestic chess set in clear and Midnight crystal. All pieces are cut by hand by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best craftsman in France). The chessboard is made in rare and exotic woods in colors. Baccarat Crystal has, from the beginning, affixed its signature on strong works illustrating all the facets of artistic craftsmanship and covering a vast repertoire of inspiration.

Purchase for $13,500

Checkerboard Teckell Stratego

A millennial game characterized by a thousand silences is transformed to become even more beautiful and luxury design. Top in extra-clear glass. Base in solid marble, two options: white Carrara or black Marquina. Chess pieces made of turned, extra-clear crystal cylinders decorated with 24k gold / chromed brass.
Interchangeable thin metal playing surface allowing you to play multiple games.

Purchase for $11,770

Geoffrey Parker-Emerald Snakeskin Backgammon Set

From that first Chessboard, Backgammon was the next obvious game where precise inlaying was de rigueur. By the early Seventies, the Company had already established itself as No.1 in The World for luxury board games, this culminated for Chess in Geoffrey being commissioned to make the leather boxes and chessboards for the famous Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer’s 1972 World Championship battle in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Company’s expertise was required for what is widely recognized as the first World Backgammon Championship, sponsored by Rothman and taking place on the fabulous QEII which sailed for a week between Southampton and New York with the world’s best players in fierce contest. During this time, the Backgammon “Boom” demanded “Geoffrey Parker” boards by the hundreds and his group of craftsmen and women expanded to a team of 25, each being trained “in house” to Geoffrey’s exacting standards.

Purchase for $9,000

Kiln-Formed Art Glass Chess Set With 24k Gold Game Pieces

Circa 1995 cold-worked art glass chess set. This set includes a full size board and all game pieces one side finished in 24k white gold and another in 24k yellow gold. The game board is comprise of a solid piece of kiln-formed glass with the playing field carved in multiple layers along the bottom side. The game pieces consist of kiln-formed glass cubes which have a 3d carving of each character worked in one side and 24k gold leaf put into each relief. One player's pieces are finish in 24k white gold and the another player in 24k yellow gold.

Purchase for $6,000

Skyline Chess London Bronze And Marble Chess Set

Skyline Chess' 'London' marble game board is inspired by the architecture of its namesake city. The hand-cast bronze game pieces take the shape of some of London's most iconic landmarks, with Big Ben acting as the Rook and the Canary Wharf standing in as the King. Use yours with friends while sharing after-dinner drinks.

Purchase for $4,000


Beautifully presented in a luxurious shagreen box with brass detailing, this chess set has been given a contemporary twist with streamlined chess pieces cast in zinc, one in black and one with a gold-plated finish. Timeless and stylish, this is a game that will be passed through your family for generations.

Purchase for $3,250

Glass Chessboard with Pieces by Lladró

The glass chess set from the Spanish porcelain manufacturer Lladró is a new interpretation of the classic “Medieval” design (see below).
The design of the magnificent Lladró figures that are modelled and painted by hand, alludes to the Middle Ages. That was when chess came to Europe via North Africa and Spain.

Purchase for $ 2,812.76


This stylish version of the single player game, Solitaire, includes a circular board crafted from ashwood in Italy, and 33 brass balls. A compartment beneath the removable tray allows you to store the pieces. The shagreen case looks beautiful on a desk or book shelf.

Purchase for $498

Monopoly - Luxury Edition

Specially designed for those who like to play in style, the Monopoly Luxury Edition makes a perfect holiday gift. It’s crafted of wood in our Livingston Gray finish with a textured faux leather inset to match our favorite McKenna Jewelry Storage. Inside the drawer, you’ll find wooden houses and hotels, dyed bone dice and the classic tokens, plus an exclusive Pottery Barn bulldog.

Purchase for $229
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