Typically, we spend a lot of time here peering into the interiors of cars and note how their are designed for comfort on the road. Now, I have the opportunity to write about the interior of a completely different vehicle that will take its passengers into space because Virgin Galactic has unveiled their spaceship's cabin in full.

Like the cars we drive, this spaceship has a cabin that was designed around comfort, style and functionality. Each astronaut in the cabin sits in a seat made out of aluminum, carbon fiber and soft padding. These seats have the ability to adapt to the stage of the flight. For example, they can recline when in zero-g so the astronauts can leave the seat comfortable to roam around and experience weightlessness. While floating throughout the cabin, they will be able to peer out from the spaceship through the 17 windows. The lining of the walls are also made of a soft material so accidental bumps don't turn into bruises. While these windows provide plenty of natural light, Virgin Galactic has also added lighting that changes for each stage of the flight. You can see and learn all about the cabin from Jeremy Brown, the design director, in the video below.