We're less than a week away from simultaneous automotive history. Two brief press releases hit our inbox this morning, so we decided to combine them because you are probably as busy as we are. The 2021 Bentley Bentayga for sale will be the cornerstone of their Beyond100 business strategy. This program is aimed at transforming Bentley into the leader in sustainable luxury mobility. Since over 20,000 examples have been delivered, the new model has big shoes to fill. The only image released so far is the teaser seen below.

Bentley Teases the new Bentayga

The most anticipated event comes from the other end of VW Group. Lamborghini's "Technomar 63" has a countdown clock to the event which will start at 4:30 AM Eastern. Thankfully they will replay it at 10 AM for fans in the Western Hemisphere. Details are notably scarce, but we are given a glimpse of something new in an image titled LP F0081. It looks intriguing to say the least, so we will have all the details on this new Lamborghini for sale.

What are we looking at?