GMC took on the world by adding an intercooled turbo to their smallest truck. The first generation Syclone has had a dedicated following for three decades, and their pleas were answered last year. Specialty Vehicle Engineering (formerly SLP) has built over 60,000 cars, trucks, and SUVs for General Motors. As a Tier-1 supplier, their engineers solve problems and deliver niche cars that wouldn't be profitable for GM. I explained their modus operandi in our July issue, so click the link below for all the details.

Discover the Cover-July 2020: American Muscle Edition With SVE

The 2020 Syclone made its world debut at our Cars & Coffee, and it was also the centerpiece of our display at Amelia Island. It packs 455 horsepower from a supercharged V6 with optional 4WD. For this year they upped the ante by replacing the 3.6-liter with a 5.3-liter V8. Utilizing the same block found in the 6.2-liter Sierra and Silverado, they chose to build a forged 5.3-liter bottom end along with a meaty cam & ported heads. Like the V6 version, the supercharger is their proprietary design that doesn't load the crankshaft when boost isn't needed. Other standard equipment includes their own 13.6" brakes, solid sway bars, full-length traction bars, and All Wheel Drive. Driving the V6 model around Clearwater and Amelia Island was a blast, so expect a full review when the V8 arrives. Click the button below to reserve yours and stay with us for all your SVE news.