In a world of mediocre cars, one man, one company, and one vision will take center stage (at least on YouTube). Our friend Christian von Koenigsegg builds the only production car without a transmission. Because the Regera (To Reign) offers 1,475 lb-ft of torque, it doesn't need a gearbox. Not only would it destroy any transmission on the market, it removes the most complicated and inefficient part of any car. A twin-turbo V8 is bolted to a torque converter that generates electricity. Motors on each rear axle turn the electricity into incredible acceleration until 80 mph.

In-Depth Review of the Koenigsegg Regera Megacar

At that point, a clutch inside the converter locks it to a 2.73:1 differential. Then you have a 5-liter Freevalve V8 running at full boost turning the wheels without any mechanical disadvantage. The Regera is so simple and so brilliant that it deserves a feature-length film. With a supporting cast of Christian and his wife Halldora, the team is packing two AR-15s along with proper ear and eye protection. Click the button below to browse Koenigsegg for sale, and stay with us for all your Regera updates.