Owning and fielding a GT3 car is a life goal for many of us. While they are fast and fun, Lamborghini has just thrown shade on the world's sanctioning bodies. That is because their latest Squadra Corse race car arrives with the most powerful V12 they have ever offered. In a press release this morning we were taken aback by the 830 horsepower SCV12.

While it shares styling influences with production cars and their recent concepts, engineers started with an all-new carbon fiber chassis. While street-legal Lamborghini models use aluminum subframes to carry the suspension and drivetrain, this new raging bull uses a sequential six-speed transmission as a stressed element of the chassis. Mounting the suspension pushrods directly to the gearbox saves weight while maintaining perfect suspension geometry. Turbulent air normally created behind the cockpit is rammed into the intake. Not only does the force-feed the big V12, but it also lowers drag in the process. Each car will be built-to-order, and eligible to race in Lamborghini events around the world. Squadra Corse engineers will keep your car in running shape. If you want to join an exclusive club and race on the world's most famous tracks, our dealers have all the information.