Did you have a long day that can only be remedied by sitting down and relaxing with a nice gaming session? Sitting in an uncomfortable chair won't make your night too enjoyable, so it's best to sit in something that's made for your body. That's where the new Herman Miller x Logitech Embody Gaming Chair comes in. This new chair was designed after the two companies spent around two years to study esports professionals around the world. After learning what they were looking for in their chair, the took to the drawing board and the result is what you see today in the Embody Gaming Chair. It features a shape that allows the body to be aligned and balanced. Through their research, Herman Miller and Logitech found that they needed to "improve lower back support, increase forward-leaning, provide a greater ability to swivel, and better adjustments for tables and monitors." They also included cooling foam that helps reduce body heat from sitting on the cushioned seat for a long period of time. If you're looking to purchase the upcoming 'Forza Motorsport' game and expect to spend a lot of time racing, this would be the perfect fit. Together, both Herman Miller and Logitech have created a chair that will provide gamers with the support and comfort they've long been searching for. You can purchase it now for $1,495 by clicking the button below.