Even the most affordable new cars for sale have more standard features than just a few years ago. When it comes to flagship luxury sedans, adding controls and buttons can ruin an interior. So instead of a complicated interface, Bentley developed a unique solution for the new Flying Spur for sale. At the center of the dash lies a display with three personalities. One side matches the wood grain to a tolerance of +/-0.3mm. If you need to change the chassis or infotainment settings, it rotates to reveal a 12.3" touchscreen. Another rotation reveals the same species of wood with three analog gauges. A compass, chronometer, and outside temperature are easy to see and pleasing to the eye.

The Bentley Rotating Display is ordered in over 70% of new Flying Spurs. It is comprised of 153 parts, 40 of which move with every rotation. Development took over three years in order to prove it will maintain incredible tolerances after thousands of rotations. The electric motors monitor and even predict battery voltage changes to offer the same rotational speed every time. The only high speed action is made to display the backup camera, as it must be in view within 2 seconds of shifting into reverse. Bentley has never spared any expense to stay at the cutting edge of technology and luxury, and that is why the Flying Spur needs to be your new daily driver. The same dedication can be seen and felt throughout the car, so click the button below to find yours.