Ordering a Ferrari is not a task, but an experience. Knowing this, the Italian automaker ensures that each of their customers is treated to a special event when they sit down in a dealership to customize the Ferrari of their dream. Even if you aren't going out to order yours, Ferrari Lake Forest has a video that shows the customer experience in their Ferrari Atelier Design Studio. In their example, Nick Mancuso, the General Sales Manager at Ferrari Lake Forest, shows off how to customize the Ferrari Roma. He selects the options on a tablet while a TV mounted to the wall displays the Roma he's customizing. From the paint to the contrast stitching and even the popular passenger display, this configurator allows customers to really fine-tune their Ferrari. It even allows you to see how it would look outside of the Ferrari factory and puts together a video of the car driving in the streets. Check it out in action for yourself by clicking play below.