As a country, the Netherlands has somewhat of a reputation for coming out of left field. Whether it’s a Van Gogh painting, or the eponymous and eclectic Spyker, you can usually count on the Dutch to do something a little different. Joop Donkervoort’s namesake auto marque is no exception. Donkervoort is a line of off-the-rails superlights that are just as bonkers to look at as they are to drive.

The Donkervoort D8 GTO JD70 is the newest member of Donkervoort’s lineup, the JD70 standing for Joop Donkervoort 70. The car was made to celebrate his 70th birthday, and while they were at it, Donkervoort decided they would raise the bar and set a new standard for all performance cars to look up to.

Still sporting a 2.5-liter Audi 5 cylinder, now with 415 horsepower, the JD70 gets to 60 mph in less than 2.7 seconds and tops out at nearly 174 mph. This is thanks to Donkervoort cutting weight and putting carbon fibre absolutely everywhere that they could, but what the advanced suspension and lightweight aluminum, steel, and carbon hybrid chassis provide is the real kicker: The JD70 is capable of two lateral Gs.

This is the first car in the entire world to achieve this feat, and what that means is that during cornering, the JD70 is capable of pulling at twice the force of Earth’s gravity, not to mention that simply pressing on the gas pedal sends you forward at more than 1 G. With that said, Happy Birthday, Joop Donkervoort. We have no doubt that 70 will be a fun and exciting year for you, and whoever manages to get their hands on the 70 D8 GTO JD70s available.