As children, we are taught that knowledge is power. While motivational, it is helpful to see how insightful engineers apply time and effort to increase efficiency. Normal aftermarket outfitters are reticent to jump on the electric bandwagon, however, our friends at TECHART always enjoy a challenge. If your car is powered by a battery, knowledge literally is power. Their expertise in composite materials and wheel forging has allowed them to blaze a trail where no one saw the opportunity.

TECHART's New Video Series Details Their Incredible 911 (992)

Starting with new 22" wheels, they have forged a design that is appealing and much lighter than the factory equipment. Along with a slightly larger diameter, this cut in rolling inertia requires less battery power to accelerate. While their aerodynamic enhancements are normally aimed at increased downforce, TECHART has reversed the process to decrease drag. So, not only is the car easier to get moving, it requires less power to maintain at a constant speed. What has not changed is their attention to detail. The interior of your Taycan is a blank canvas, open to wood, microfiber or leather on every surface. Click the button below to find your new Porsche Taycan for sale and stay with us for all your TECHART news.