Back in March we broke the news that Dana Mecum and Company had secured the consignment of a 1967 Shelby GT350-R. While this would normally be filed along with other significant Shelbys at the auction, this one is not like the others. Not only is it the first example, but it was also a prototype driven to victory in the car's first race by Ken Miles.

Mecum Auctions Unveils Ken Miles’ Shelby GT350-R

Carroll Shelby and Ken used the car as a testbed for all subsequent Mustang modifications, and the car amassed over 100 podium finishes in its career. As the flagship of the John Atzbach Collection, it was the only one of his cars to have a reserve price. Nevertheless, a bidding war erupted that saw the car hammer for a grand total of $3,850,000. This makes it the most valuable Mustang of all time, and that is what makes Mecum Auctions the perfect place to find your dream car. Stay with us for all your Mecum and Mustang news.