Lamborghini is creating ten examples of a wild new variant of the Aventador SVJ called the "Xago Edition." This new edition was created to celebrate Lamborghini's new virtual Ad Personam studio. Through this new studio, Lamborghini is able to offer personalization consultations to clients worldwide without them having to travel to their headquarters in Italy. The design of this limited-edition Aventador SVJ features a lot of hexagons, which comes from the cloud patterns found in the north pole of Saturn as well as the hexagonal shapes found in many of Lamborghini's designs. This is most likely where the name comes from: "he-XAGO-n." Lamborghini notes that it took 120 to create the special fading hexagonal effect of the exterior. Inside, the interior took 80 hours to create the hexagonita pattern with contrasting colors. Each of the ten Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Xago Edition will have a special numbered plate along with unique livery colors. For more information, click here.

Source: Lamborghini