Thomas Edison invented the modern world, but he didn't care much for design or beauty as long as his products worked reliably. Such was the case with his apprentice Henry Ford. The Model T came in any color you want, as long as it was black. Among the world's most venerated pioneers, one stands out for placing equal value on form and function.

Ettore Bugatti built gorgeous cars that were also very powerful, but his mind never stopped. He applied the same dedication to every aspect of his life. In their latest press release Bugatti gives us a glimpse at a little-known side of Ettore. Here are a few excerpts:


Ettore Bugatti went to buy eggs, but he came back empty-handed, angry. Their price had gone up again. So he decided to raise hens himself and set up a small chicken farm. He designed a chicken coop with wheels to be able to move it on his large plot. Naturally, because of this investment, eggs were now significantly more expensive than if he had bought them. But at least they were fresh and he was no longer dependent on farmers.

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One day, the Bugatti cook complained that the pasta machine had given up. Several weeks would pass before a new machine was delivered to Alsace. As Ettore Bugatti did not want to give up eating his own pasta which he loved so much, he designed a new machine. An easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing machine that by far makes the best pasta. Mechanics built a machine according to his plans in his factory. Manufactured by an automobile manufacturer, the machine naturally had a Bugatti Type 46 car steering wheel as a crank to transform the dough into spaghetti. Last March, the original machine was sold at auction for nearly $ 37,500 at Bonhams.

Cutlery by Ettore Bugatti

Each cutlery carried the EB emblem and was perfectly ergonomic in the hand. This was followed by the order of all assorted tableware, including cutlery, plates and glasses. Famous for his extreme politeness and expecting the same behavior from his hosts, Bugatti would one day have refused to sell a car to a gentleman of royal descent, because he had bad manners at the table - he used neither knife nor fork .

Baby Bugatti II Unveiled For 110th Anniversary

Baby Bugatti

To be a good driver, you have to start early. For the fifth birthday of his son Roland, Ettore Bugatti designs the Type 52, a 1/2 scale miniature version of the Type 35. This vehicle called "Baby Bugatti" was driven by an electric motor and a 12-volt battery and was traveling at 20 km / h. This vehicle, which Bugatti's offspring used as a means of transport all around the mansion, was quickly appreciated by visitors, friends and customers. Many of them were won over by the Baby Bugatti and ordered a copy. Between 1927 and 1930, Ettore Bugatti produced a total of a few hundred copies of this vehicle. A huge success. Recently, Junior Classics reissued the Baby Bugatti.

Other Patents

In his lifetime, Ettore Bugatti has patented around a thousand inventions. These patents were not all directly related to the automobile, as were the aluminum rims, an unbreakable windshield, ultra-light folding seats and automatic filler caps, or even its own screws and nuts. more efficient and stronger than the others, even at high speed. Ettore Bugatti also wondered about everyday objects and patented his new ideas when they were very promising. Among these items, a cylinder-shaped hand razor, a very light bicycle frame and motorcycle frame, and even safety locks.

Because every modern Bugatti is built where he found his creativity, we think he would approve. To fully convey the engineers and designer's dedications, you must experience one in person. Click the button below to find a Bugatti near you and stay with us for all your Bugatti news.