Bicycling has come a long way since the mode of transportation came into the world in the 1800s. More recently, we've been seeing the technology within electric bicycles becoming more and more advanced. A perfect example of this is Specialized's new Turbo Vado SL. This new e-bike has the ability to assist the rider at speeds of up to 28 mph and it has a range of 80 miles. You'd expect a bike with these kinds of capabilities to have a massive battery pack, but not here. The internal battery is lightweight, as is the E5 aluminum frame, bringing the total weight to just 33 lbs. If you're looking for more range, they also offer an optional Range Extender that adds an additional 40 miles of pedaling assistance. This pack can be removed in an instant for easy charging. Riders will also have the ability to sync their bike with the Mission Control app, allowing them to control the power output, diagnose potential service needs, record rides and more. The cherry on top? Built in lights. Check it out for yourself by clicking the button below. Prices range from $3,350 to $4,500.