What happens when the biggest rivalry in recent history refuses to fight? To keep teams and spectators safe, the FIA, along with ALMS decided to move the race to September 19th. While this was a smart move, several other mandates were included. Team Corvette Racing's C8.R is limited to a 44.3mm throttle body. Only slightly larger than a golf ball, forcing a giant to breathe through a straw is not fair. That is perhaps why Automotive News has reported that Porsche and Chevrolet are sitting this one out.

Porsche drivers wouldn't have much fun without Chevrolet, as they would likely lap the field a dozen times. The immense cost involved along with the rise of eSports are also considerations, so we're likely to see more major teams back out of the event. Our vote is to allow Stadium Super Trucks at Circuit de la Sarthe before this historic event implodes. As always, stay with us for all your Le Mans updates.