Building a modern Bugatti was a leap of faith. When the Veyron arrived, customers jumped at the opportunity to own the world's fastest car. Once the manufacturer realized what a sensation they had, they decided to introduce the Grand Sport. It had substantial chassis improvements so the roof could be left at home. Only 150 examples were built, and a few special editions blurred the line between art and automobile.

As such, the Blanc Noir represents the duality present in every Bugatti. The ability to look gorgeous and intimidating. Acting civilized with the ability to disrupt the peace, it is all at your command. Translating literally to " White Black", it is our favorite 2-tone hypercar. What you see here is 1 of 1, and will never be repeated. Our friends at Fusion Luxury Motors. It has new tires and has just undergone a full service. With only 2,509 miles, it deserves to be your weekend machine.