Sotheby's is currently auctioning off an incredible pair of shoes unlike any others. The shoes I'm talking about are the Nike Air Jordan 1s that Michael Jordan wore back in 1985. These specific shoes were custom-made for Jordan in sizes 13 and 13.5, and he wore them during his Rookie of the Year season. This accomplishment would not only launch Jordan into the history books but it also cemented the Air Jordans as the most iconic shoes you can still buy today. On the right shoes, Jordan's signature can be found in black sharpie. The auction for these shoes is running until May 17 on Sotheby's online platform. An estimated price of $100,000 to $150,000 was given, but as of writing this, they have a current big of $160,000. To view this historic auction lot for yourself, be sure to click the button down below.