When the Geneva Motor Show was canceled for 2020, it sent shock-waves through the automotive industry. We've come so accustomed to the Geneva Motor Show being the big event where the world's most exciting cars are revealed and to have that go away was distressing, to say the least. But the cancellation was even more shocking to those who had spent so much of their resources planning, designing and building their Geneva booths. You can only imagine how much effort the marketing teams of these brands put into Geneva. To get an idea of just epic these booths can get, below is a video from Koenigsegg that gives us a behind-the-scenes of what was supposed to be their Geneva booth. It's heartbreaking to see how much effort they poured into their setup knowing that they never truly got a chance to show it off to the crowds that were supposed to be there. At least we have the video below that allows us to see what could have been.You can also check out Koenigsegg's Geneva presentation down below as well.