Isolation can help prevent contagious diseases, but family support is the best prescription for children with chronic illness. Ronald McDonald House has been supporting families in need since 1974. Facilities around the world offer a respite for parents and families. With 7,200 bedrooms spread across 368 locations, RMH offers the equivalent of $700 Million in hotel accommodations.

We are blessed to enjoy the world's greatest cars, and it all started when we were young. Trying to comprehend what those formative years would be like from a hospital bed is near impossible, and that is why we have been sharing the Ronald McDonald House Charity Car Raffle with our fans for over a decade. Their latest supercar is a modern version of an American classic.

Backdraft Racing combines the looks and sounds of a classic Cobra with the latest in suspension, composites, and performance. The RT4 is built by hand in Boynton Beach, Florida. Using laser-cut steel and forged aluminum, their Cobra is lighter, wider, stronger, and faster than anything you have experienced. Independent suspension and massive disc brakes allow you to dive deep into corners while the close-ratio 5-speed transmission offers crisp, rewarding shifts.

This example was built-to-order in Porsche Dark Blue with silver stripes. Under the hood is a Roush 427 SRX offering 480 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. Classic Instruments supplied the gauges, and the wheels are 18" knock-off replicas. Other standard equipment includes a wood steering wheel and black leather seats. As always, the more tickets you have increases your chance of winning, so here is how they are offered:

$5 for 1 Ticket
$10 for 5 Tickets
$20 for 15 Tickets
$30 for 22 Tickets + 10 Bonus

$50 for 40 Tickets + 15 Bonus
$100 for 100 Tickets + 25 Bonus
$200 for 240 Tickets + 50 Bonus
$500 for 600 Tickets + 150 Bonus