If there's one thing people know about Ferrari, it's that they make fast cars. Very fast cars. JS Surfboards, founded by Jason Stevenson, is also in the business of speed, creating surfboards that launch surfers down the line. Their ability to create such speedy boards allows for surfers to punt some of the biggest airs possible. The acrobatic ability of these boards was on display down under at the URBNsurf Melbourne wave pool. Pro surfers on the JS Surfboards Traktor Team were flying down the line, carving the waves to bits and boosting unspeakable aerials.

So what had them so hyped up for this session? It just so happened to be that Ferrari was on site for the launch of the new F8 Spyder. With this supercar on their minds, these surfers used all the horsepower they could muster to put on one heck of a show at the wave pool. Thankfully, you can't get pulled over for speeding on a surfboard. Click the link below to see JS Surfboards' lineup and find the right board for you. They have a lot of different shapes, so there's no doubt in my mind you'd find the right board for you.