Novitec has just revealed a few new enhancements for the Ferrari F8 Tributo that owners ought to check out. First is the ability to tune the engine up to 787 horsepower, an increase of 77 hp. This allows the F8 Tributo to hit a top speed of over 211 mph. On top of this, the new Ferrari can now provide an even greater sound when flying by thanks to the new Novitec exhaust systems. Through the new exhaust systems, Novitec not only allows owners to better their car's exhaust note but it also drops some weight as well. The last pieces that can be added are the 21-inch and 22-inch forged wheels that can be combined with the sport springs and front lift system. As for an aerodynamic kit, Novitec is still hard at work on that but we'll be back with the news as soon as they reveal it all.