Playing foosball is a lot of fun, no doubt. The act of spinning the little guys on the table as fast or precisely as you can never gets old. For those who live for the game of foosball, it's time to step it up with the new Louis Vuitton Le Babyfoot. No, it's not a babyfoot, that's just the name that was given to the game by its inventor, Lucien Rosengart. As you'd expect from Louis Vuitton, this table is very luxurious. It features the monogram leather around the table, hand-painted "players," handles wrapped in leather, and more. This is just about as luxurious as the game of foosball can get, so it's no surprise that it has a price of $75,500. Louis Vuitton is offering the table in two different monogram colors, as well as graphite. Check it out for yourself by clicking the button down below.