Adrian Zamarripa, a five-year-old from Utah, was pulled over on Monday while he was driving his family's Dodge Journey. Yes, a boy aged five was pulled by the police over for driving a car, according to But, Adrian was driving for a very specific reason: to get to California so he could by a Lamborghini. While he did manage to make it across town and onto the interstate, he only had a couple of dollars in his pocket. He was safely returned to his family by police, but his dreams of being in a Lamborghini were dashed...but only for a moment.

That's when Jeremy Neves came to the rescue and took Adrian out for a drive in his Lamborghini Huracan. In a Facebook post, Neves said: "I want to reward and encourage habits of success! I want to help a KID continue to go after his dreams even though his first attempt failed! Oh and his family might appreciate some support and love from their community after that scary experience! " You can check out his post right down below.Just look at this big smile on Adrian's face!

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