HYT Watches has a new take on their Soonow watch that's utterly brilliant. And when I say brilliant, I mean it. The new Soonow Instant Rainbow takes the design and fluidic design of the Soonow and adds in a rainbow of gems. For the fluid module, there's a combination of blue and yellow that trace around the skull in the center of the dial. Within the skull are 313 18-carat yellow gold pins that stick out, giving it a three-dimensional visual. Surrounding the skull are 688 sapphires, amethysts, and tsavorites in 14 color combinations. These gems, along with the violet anodized titanium dial, create a stunning display that is truly brilliant. HYT also added color to the eyes of the skull. Both eyes have colorful designs that run through the color spectrum, but the right eye shows the power reserve while the left is the seconds indicator. To learn more, click the button below to visit HYTWatches.com