Comparing a regular production Bugatti Chiron to the Pur Sport is not easy. One is a firecracker, and the other is a hand grenade. Two objects similar in operation while offering much different results. The latest Bugatti represents the hopes and dreams of the brand. That is why we are glad to see that the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport tour continue across Europe.

From the headquarters in Molsheim, the team embarked on a trip to Paris. On display for the world to see, the citizens could delight that they build the world's most potent production cars, trains, and wine. After that, it was time for London. The car looks amazing against the bourgeois backdrop of H R Owen. Their CEO Ken Choo said: "To represent an illustrious brand like Bugatti has always been a privilege for us, and we’re honored to be able to offer our customers the unique opportunity to see the Chiron Pur Sport in the UK". If you have read this far, you know our dealers can find the perfect Chiron for you, so click the button below and stay with us for all your Bugatti news.