Confederate Motorcycles has just announced three new motorcycle models, bringing their total lineup up to six new models that are currently being offered. Each of these new models will be built at Confederate's new facility in Birmingham, Alabama. this includes the new Hellcat, Hellcat Speedster, F-117 Fighter, P-51 Combat Fighter, FA-13 Combat Bomber and Wraith. If you happen to live near Birmingham, each of these new motorcycles will be on full display in the showroom, alongside certified pre-owned Confederate bikes.

“We are currently building the next run of bikes that are each available with a number of customer-selectable options,” says Ernest Lee, owner of Confederate Motorcycles. "Confederate is a partnership of vendors manufacturing the parts for our bikes and the Confederate team necessary to design, build and sell these one of a kind masterpieces. After a short pause, we are now continuing to design new and exciting Confederate motorcycles; building innovative and original bikes that draw crowds everywhere they ride.”

If you're interested, they're currently taking orders on the Hellcat and Hellcat Speedster with deliveries beginning in July. Because these bikes are built upon the Harley-Davidson FDXR frame, they will also be the first Confederate Motorcycles to be homologated for worldwide delivery. They also announced that they will continue manufacturing the F-117 Fighter, P-51 Combat Fighter and FA-13 Combat bikes at the new facility. As for the newly-designed Wraith, they will begin building it at the Birmingham facility as well.

You can learn more about each of these motorcycles by scrolling down below or by visiting by clicking the button below.

The New Hellcat​

"The Confederate Hellcat is the first of two motorcycles built with the Milwaukee Eight 117 cubic inch Screaming Eagle Engine. Featuring 3M carbon fiber wrapped tank, front cowl, engine spoiler and Confederate CNC seat frame carved from solid billet blocks of military-grade aluminum like the 2014 and 2015 Hellcat Speedster before it."

MSRP: $45,000

The Hellcat Speedster

"The Hellcat Speedster is the second 2020 Confederate Motorcycle built on the Harley Davidson FDXR frame. Like our Confederate P-51 before it, the tank, swing-arm, front cowl, forks seat, and rear are carved from solid billet blocks of military-grade aluminum."

MSRP: $75,000

F-117 Fighter​

"The F-117 Fighter is a limited production American performance street machine. Each F-117 Fighter is hand-built, custom-tailored to fit, with personalized and curated details and finish, making every motorcycle unique to its new owner."

MSRP: $90,000

P-51 Combat Fighter​

"The P-51 is the second generation of Fighters from Confederate. CNC machined 6061 and 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber create the unique lines of this race-inspired 132 cubic inch motorcycle." 

MSRP: $110,000

FA-13 Combat Bomber​

"The limited-production military-spec anodized FA-13 Combat Bomber is Fighter is a limited production American performance street bike." 

MSRP: $155,000

The New Wraith

"Like it's P-51 Combat Fighter predecessor, the Confederate Wraith is carved entirely from solid billet blocks of military-grade aluminum, resulting in the most robust, lightweight, fatigue-resistant motorcycle possible."

MSRP: $155,000