Riding on the street is dangerous, nobody doubts that. But what many of us take for granted is the availability of emergency services. While automated emergency services have been in cars for years, so it is time for 2-wheel safety to catch up. That is why Bosch Help Connect acts as your bike's guardian angel. Over 25 crash tests were used to simulate the most common motorcycle accidents.

Bosch Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Stability Control

The details were announced in their press release along with a YouTube upload. Not only did Bosch produce the world's first stability system for Mercedes-Benz, but they also adapted it for motorcycle use. A logical extension of Motorcycle Stability Control, placing an emergency call is activated in an accident. The system constantly monitors steering angle, lean angle, G-forces, ABS, and throttle inputs. Once activated, it will use BlueTooth along with your phone to send out an SOS. Summer is here, but that isn't an excuse to not ride safely. Have a great weekend and stay with us for all your 2-wheel news.