Cars are meant to be unrestrained. This is the dream behind luxury and sport vehicles. Yet many of us return home to a cramped, dark garage, needing to dust off the hood every time we want to drive. METRON Garage aims to change that. We combine our passion for cars with nearly three decades of construction experience to design the perfect home for your cars. As dedicated car guys, our goal is to provide a sleek, luxury space that encompasses everything you love about your automobiles.

Modernity and speed are the driving inspirations behind our designs. Pairing our signature heavy, commercial-grade powder coated steel frame system with smooth, classy finishes like aluminum, carbon, and zinc cladding creates something truly grand - a garage you'll only want to leave when you're ready to hit the road. METRON also offers interior design packages including tool cabinetry, decorative and functional interior wall paneling, custom artwork, and more to bring life to your space and make it unmistakably yours.

Using BIM modeling software, our design team can create a fully 3D representation of your METRON Garage, to ensure you get the high quality, custom experience we built our brand with. The professional-quality renderings we create are made specifically to help you visualize your new structure from the inside out.

If you're ready to treat your car collection with the bespoke life it deserves, contact us at or call 800-511-7208 today! We'll give you the keys, you only have to hit the gas.