11 Ravens is now crafting a luxury pool table exclusively for Rolls-Royce called the Stealth R11. This new pool table will be offered through WHISPERS, a private social network and shopping experience that's made only for Rolls-Royce owners. Its made with an aluminum frame that includes black-tinted lucite panels and 14-carat gold sheets. 11 Ravens also included Swarovski around the rails and LED lights as well. Coming with the table are custom balls, cue sticks, and the ability to convert into either a ping pong table or dining table. Only five examples of the Stealth R11 will be created, each with a price tag of $250,000.

"I’ve been wanting to revisit this popular design for some time now," said 11 Ravens Owner Michael Zaretsky. "To be able to offer such a striking collection to Rolls-Royce owners exclusively made the reimagination process just that much more exciting."

Source: 11 Ravens