While most other brands have uploaded coloring books, this puts them all to shame. In a press release earlier today, INFINITI has offered Carigami models for crafty enthusiasts. Starting with their most popular models, young and old alike will enjoy folding the Q50, QX80, and FX. Every detail is 1:27 scale and their other models will be added in the coming days.

Phil York, General Manager of INFINITI Global Brand and Marketing said: "In this unprecedented time where citizens of the world are doing their part to fight COVID-19 by staying at home, we wanted to develop something that will help ease the boredom, while having a bit of fun. Our hope is that lovers of cars and crafts alike, will enjoy Carigami."

If you really want to get creative, use glitter for metal flake and shellac for the ultimate clear coat. Each car is your blank canvas, so INFINITI truly knows no ends.