France is under strict lockdown. With police imposing massive fines for unnecessary travel, we have been wondering how the Bugatti factory was holding up. Every morning Patrick Burk leaves home to inspect the grounds. Six massive buildings are spread across 57 acres, and he must keep them in working order. He is able to do this because his home is located on-site.

It allows him to trim the orange trees, feed the deer, and monitor every system of each building. He mentions in the press release it is very lonely, as he has strong friendships with his coworkers. President Stephan Winkelmann stops by once a week to check in on his longest-serving employee. After 20 years, Patrick knows every valve, circuit breaker, and A/C unit.

Although he is only 58 years old, he doesn't see a future apart from the company he loves. Oh, and if you think about trespassing, he can view all cameras from his house or phone. Protecting hundreds of millions of dollars in cars and equipment is a big responsibility, so rest assured he is packing heat. Dedication like this is hard to find these days, so we salute you, Monsieur Burk here's to another 20 years!