Several firsts happened in 1995. The Space Shuttle docked with the Mir Space Station, Michael Jordan returned from "Retirement", and Americans got a new choice for heavy duty vans. It takes dedication and a considerable investment to sell foreign vans and light trucks in the U.S. In 1964, West Germany hit America with a 25% tariff on chicken, so President Johnson returned fire with the same tax on vans and trucks. Despite this disadvantage, we are ready for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Luxury Sprinter Vans: Buyers Guide

The tax finally motivated Daimler to build a Sprinter assembly plant in South Carolina, allowing the retail price to include more content and capability when the new generation debuted last year. The party starts tomorrow at 8 AM as the 3rd episode of Mercedes-Benz Digital. We will provide a complete recap before the weekend, so click the button below to view Airstream's Interstate Sprinter, and stay with us for all your Mercedes-Benz news.