It seems like just yesterday that the Bentley Bentayga was unveiled, but here we are informing you that the 20,000th example of the luxury SUV has been created. To be more specific,the Bentayga was introduced back in 2016 and since then it has become a star in the luxury SUV market. A team of 230 craftspeople at Bentley's factory in Crewe has been hard at work creating each Bentayga by hand. In total, each Bentayga spends just over 100 hours on the production line being created. That means Bentley, in total, has put over 2,000,000 hours into the production of the Bentayga model. That's a lot. Since its introduction, Bentley has introduced five different variants of the luxury SUV, as well as four different powertrains. This range of options, along with their ability to customize, has allowed Bentley to offer a Bentayga for every customer's needs. Congratulations, Bentley Motors, on the milestone!