Electric cars don't have to be boring. It seems to us that every manufacturer is in a battle to add range and options to their battery powered cars. That is why our friends in Bottrop chose to go another direction. As Germany's leading design and performance engineers, the 2020 BRABUS Ultimate E is fun ForTwo.

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Based on the Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio, they have injected it with more power, premium leather, and carbon fiber. Starting where it counts, they reverse-engineered the 3-phase motor. We can't tell you what they did to make if more efficient, but it now offers 92 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque. That is enough to reach 62 mph in 10.9 seconds. Due to the short wheelbase, the top speed remains limited to 80 mph, but that is plenty fast in such a small machine. Other goodies include 18" forged BRABUS wheels along with their Widestar fenders, rockers, and bumpers. If you want a Smart ride from BRABUS, click the button below and stay with us for all your BRABUS updates.