Just when we thought their best car could not be improved, they did it again. Pulling out all the stops to build the perfect blend of luxury and performance, Lexus has unveiled the 2021 GS 350 F SPORT Black Line. This stunning sedan is limited to 200 examples, available in rear, or all wheel drive. Offered in Caviar or Ultra White, the interior is awash in 2-tone leather and carbon fiber.

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The grille, wheels, mirrors, and unique rear spoiler are gloss black. Each car will also arrive with a 2-piece luggage set by Zero Halliburton. The Edge Lightweight Collection for Lexus incorporates styling elements of the car along with embossed logos. The 22" Continental Carry-On and a 26" Travel Case are both finished in gloss black. Pricing will be announced when production begins later in the Summer, so until then stay with us for all your Lexus news.