Over in Europe, Koenigsegg's designers are hard at work imagining the megacar of the future. Putting in the design hours is the team at "Raw Design House," Koenigsegg's internal design team that's head up by Sasha Selipanov. Under his wing is Esa Mustonen who has just released a new Koenigsegg concept design for his graduation thesis. The result is a beautiful blend of Koenigsegg's modern design and futuristic stylings.

Raw Design House recently uploaded a video and images of the concept to your social accounts so the world can see Mustonen's creation. A three-seat configuration is utilized inside, while the innovative three-cylinder Freevalve TFG engine rests behind the rear seat. One novel fact about this design is that Mustonen is aiming for a 1:1 ratio between weight and power. These figures are noted as 700 horsepower and 700 kg (1543 lbs).

This is a truly remarkable look at what an entry-level Koenigsegg could appear as in the future. While there is clearly no word on production of this car and it remains a true concept study, it's still exciting to see Koenigsegg's design team hard at work envisioning their future.

Source: Instagram/Raw Design House