The quality of your sleep is actually one of the most important things. Just remember how bad you feel after a bad sleep. Awful, right? And it lasted the whole day. Now imagine how great you'll sleep knowing you're dozing off on Hästens and Ferris Rafauli's new $400,000 bed called the Grand Vividus. Pretty great, I'd assume. Rafauli was the one who helped design the bed in a collaboration with Hästens. Inspiration for the bed came from Hästens' past creating beds and saddles. The result is incredible. For the mattress, it's crafted out of cotton, horsehair and wool, and is made to last for at least 50 years. Rafauli also upholstered the mattress' fabric with a pattern inspired by Hästens' iconic horse insignia that was created back in 1917. Other materials include shagreen on the handles and corners, golden brass details, and naturally tanned leather. If this all hasn't enticed you yet, you should know that Drake owns one of these. To learn more, click the button below.