Nothing is more disappointing than a great car with a poor display. When you are surrounded by incredible leather and wood, navigating a clunky system will ruin the experience. That is why their latest press release details the 2020 Bentley Flying Spur's HMI, or Human-Machine Interface. It is the result of the car's designers working along with the programmers to offer a digital experience that embodies the language and feel of the car.

We applaud new features like the "Dim Screen" mode for moonless nights. It blacks out the interior, leaving only a digital speedometer visible. Also included in the release is a term to describe their inspiration. Bentley debut of the superb word ‘skeuomorphic’ . While this descends into existentialism and simulacra vs. simulation, Bentley wants you to know they have nice displays. The Continental will receive a slightly different example, and our dealers have all the details for you. Click the button below to learn more and stay with us for all your Bentley news.