If you want to get away from everyone, but the roads or wilderness won't take you where you want to go... we have a solution for you. U-Boat Worx has just launched their new Nemo submarine that costs around $1 million (€975,000 ex. VAT). The Nemo is touted as being the world's only production line submarine. It can seat up to two passengers and is actually the lightest manned submersible ever built with a weight of just 5,511.5 lbs. Because of the Nemo's lightweight, it can actually be towed behind a vehicle for shoreside launching. Yeah, towing a sub is definitely cooler than towing some jet skis.

The Nemo has a very contemporary design that's incredibly functional. For the hull, U-Boat Worx installed a fully acrylic pressurized hull that gives passengers a massive viewing area of the ocean's depths. Getting down to its maximum depth of 330 feet doesn't happen without proper training, however. Thankfully, U-Boat Worx provides a 12-day training course at their facility. After the course, the owner will become a certified submersible operator.

U-Boat Worx says the Nemo is currently in the final phase of production and it will be available once the demand has been met. If you're interested, click the button below to learn more and contact U-Boat Worx.

Source: Nemo-Submarine.com