Heat is a tire's worst enemy in the regular world, but Pirelli is years ahead of every other brand. With seven decades of innovation behind them, the new Cinturato P7 has arrived with adaptive treads. Using patented polymers that react to heat, the tread pattern of the P7 changes to optimize wet weather or high performance driving. When cooled by rain, the memory woven into the tire changes to allow better dissipation and a shorter stopping distance.

It does just the opposite when you warm them up with hard cornering. The heat causes the tread to morph into an ideal summer tire for maximum grip. The press release says that these rubbers also transmit less noise into the cabin while offering longer life than the previous generation P7 series. With shorter stopping distances in bad weather and more grip on sunny days, what's not to love. The only way to improve upon them is with Tire Stickers. They can order them, apply any vinyl design you wish and ship them to your home. Click the link below to learn more and stay with us for all your tire news.