When it comes to automobiles or anything in general, the latest and greatest is not always the best, or in this case correct. The team over at Period Correct share the same understanding and embrace it using their streetwear line. The company recently announced the Land Cruiser line on their Instagram (@PeriodCorrect). The collection pays homage to the classic Land Cruiser in period correct designs on t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, and hats. In a world where new cars and technology is being developed every day, it is nice to pause and look back at some of the historic milestones within the auto industry. Period Corrects streetwear lines does not only do that, but it also sparks interest and educates people who may not know anything about some of the historic automobiles they have featured. The Land Cruiser Collection is currently available, click below for more information!

Source: Period Correct