During this year's planned Geneva Motor Show, Dynamiq and Klassen were planning on revealing a new yacht they created together called the GTM 90. This stunning yacht has an exterior that was designed after the sleek lines of supercars. While it may not be able to reach speeds of 200+ mph like a supercar, an impossible feat for your luxury yacht, it can cruise up to a top speed of over 30 knots and has a range of 800nm at 17knots. And what this yacht has that no supercar has is... a lot. How about a beach club, spa, dining area, four guest cabins, and more. This is, without a doubt, a truly remarkable yacht that does a great job taking after the supercar. Dynamiq has also launched its configurator for the GTM 90 so you can spend some time customizing your own example of the yacht and possibly ordering one for yourself. The starting price? 7,500,000 euros. Delivery date? October 2021.

Source: BeDynamiq.com